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Al-Khoirot Foundation Indonesia

Pondok Pesantren Al-Khoirot

Al-Khoirot Foundation Indonesia is a non-profit organisation which purpose is to help educate poor young Indonesian to achieve at least high school level equivalent to Class XII. And at the same time educating them with Islamic sciences including but not limited to Arabic grammar, Quran and Hadith and Islamic jurisprudence of Shafi’i’s school of thought.

Institutions we manage

Al-Khoirot Foundation has two educational institutions. One is called Pondok Pesantren Al-Khoirot an educational institution focused largely on Islamic studies. That being said, we are not only studying Islamic or religious sciences.

Under Al-Khoirot Foundation (Yayasan Al-Khoirot) we also establish Junior High School (Madrasah Tsanawiyah MTS Al-Khoirot)  equivalent to Class VII to IX) and Senior High School (Madrasah Aliyah MA Al-Khoirot) equivalent to Class X to XII two secondary educations which are supervised and partly funded by Indonesia government under Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kementerian Agama / Kemenag).

The curricula of both MTS Al-Khoirot and MA Al-Khoirot fully follow government directive and are recognised by Government. Thus, the school leavers can further their studies to any modern school or universities of their choosing after their graduation from MTS and MA Al-Khoirot respectively.

We give lodging facilities to all students. Therefore, we are always in need to build new building everytime the number of students increase. To fund building facilities we mostly rely on honorable donors, like you, to help us fulfil the needy students dreams.

How to Help Us

You may help us by donation or sending new or used books.
To donate, visit this page. You may donate via PayPal/Credit Card or bank transfer.
To send your unused books or new ones please send to our postal address at the bottom of this page.
Any form of donation will be very helpful and beneficial to us.

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Postal address:
Al-Khoirot Foundation
Jl. KH Syuhud Zayyadi No. 01,
Karangsuko, Pagelaran, Malang 65174

How to Donate

Assalamualaikum, Hello to all,

We are in need to your contribution to build more buildings, rooms and other infrastructures to accomodate more students who stay with us for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week the whole year. Your donation, however small it would be, would be very beneficial since we do not ask the students (santri) to pay for any facilities we offer.

If you are a non-Indonesian, the easiest way to donate is through online payment either via Paypal or Credit Card (any types of Credit Cards). (a) Donation via Paypal may be sent to this address: (b) Donation via Credit Card may be sent through this secured link (click).

If you stays in Indonesia or have Indonesia’s banking account, you may transfer your donation to these banking accounts (as per whichever banking account your have).

Contact Person

Once you have made a donation please tell us through one of these contacts address:

1. Email:
2. SMS /WA/ Call to one of these mobile numbers:
a. Office: 0822-2333-5895
b. Nasiruddin: 085855598880
c. Khoiruman: 085852660050

Every penny of your donation does matter for the kids and infrastructure development in our institution. And we would like to thank you for the generosity.

Regards, Pesantren Al-Khoirot Foundation

Meaning and Definition of Santri

Santri is a term for students who are enrolled in pondok pesantren.

Pondok Pesantren is educational institution where the percentage of teaching are focused more on religious sciences than secular ones. In pesantren Most students live in dormitories provided inside the school complex. Pondok Pesantren used to be found mostly in Java island but now it can be found in other parts of Indonesia’s main island such as Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, NTB, even in Bali whose population are predominantly Hindus.

Santri were also called susastri (from Sanskrit), which means religious student, those who always bring the sacred book of religion. In the days of Hindu Buddhist influence in Indonesia the designation is more familiar with cantrik, where the cantriks live in a dormitory with the teacher for a period of time to deepen the religious knowledge. In the history of Indonesia educational institutions such practice was commonly called gurukulla. It later becomes Pondok Pesantren.

The origin of the term santri

The term santri also stands for a cultural ‘stream’ of people within the population of Javanese who practice a more orthodox version of Islam, in contrast to the abangan classes. The American sociologist, Clifford Geertz, identified three main cultural streams (aliran in Indonesian) in Javanese society. Namely, the santri, abangan, and priyayi. Members of the Santri class are more likely to be urban dwellers, and tend to be oriented to the mosque, the Qur’an, and perhaps to Islamic canon law (Sharia).

In contrast, the abangan tend to be from village backgrounds and absorb both Hindu and Muslim elements, forming a culture of animist and folk traditions, it is also claimed that this particular class originated from Sindhi sailors, whom had settled in Java. The santri are sometimes referred to as Puthihan (the white ones) as distinct from the ‘red’ abangan.

The priyayi stream are the traditional bureaucratic elite and were strongly driven by hierarchical Hindu-Javanese tradition. Initially court officials in pre-colonial kingdoms, the stream moved into the colonial civil service, and then on to administrators of the modern Indonesian republic.

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