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10 Reasons Why MTS MA Al-Khoirot the Best Option

Why MTS Al-Khoirot the Best Option

10 Reasons Why MTs MA Al-Khoirot  [1] worth to be the best option for parents who love their children and wanted them to have a high ability individuals in the field of secular and religious knowledge.


1. Segregation of boys and girls students. MTs and MA Al-Khoirot system of segregation (separation) between male and female student. This system is far better than the mixed system both in terms of scientific finding let alone the Shari’a (Islamic law).

2. The segregated student is also a guarantee of safety for any parents to send their daughters and sons to study at MTs and MA Al-Khoirot from immorality influences.


3. One Roof System. All students boys and girls of MTs and MA Al-Khoirot are educated and nurtured by professional trainers and teachers for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a wide variety of educational activities. Secular and religious.


4. All students of MTs and MA Al-Khoirot is required to study at Madrasah Diniyah (Madin). If they successfully complete the Madin program until Wustho 2 (equivalent to grade 6) is guaranteed to be able to read the classic Arabic literatures of any fields known in Indonesia as kitab kuning.

5. All students of MTs and MA Al-Khoirot have to follow the advanced classic kitab routine classes (general lecture on religion) in the morning by the senior teacher of Pondok Pesantren Al-Khoirot.

6. Arabic. Students MTs and MA Al-Khoirot have to follow the Arabic language program every morning. Namely, after the recitation book by senior teacher. Their Arabic language ability is unquestionable.

7. After maghrib prayer, students are trained to read the Quran properly (murottal).

8. Financially independent. Intensive soft-skills courses. MTs and MA Al-Khoirot offer an opportunity for students to learn specific skills. Such as, computer (software and hardware), screen printing, barber, fashion (sewing, embroidery, knitting, etc.). So that they can achieve financial independence when they come out later.


9. Independent behavior. Separation from parents for 24 hours every day make students of MTs and MA Al-Khoirot psychologically independent. They are not spoiled children. They are the future leaders who are ready to face various challenges.


10. Low fee. In the midst of so many facilities that we provide and the quality that we promised, we did not ask for a high cost for it all. Perhaps, MTs and MA Al-Khoirot is one of the cheapest if not the most cheapest. Because we believe that all people from different walks of economic and social strata are equally entitled to have access to the best education. And that the educational institution is a place to educate the younger generation, not the place to make profits.

[1] MTS stands for Madrasah Tsanawiyah or junior hight school. While MA stands for Madrasah Aliyah (senior hight school). Both schools teach both secular and religious sciences.

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